1. Send an email to with the items from the list below. Please note that by applying you confirm that you have read and agree to all of Teach Abroad Korea's terms and conditions.
    • Current resume
    • Availability date
    • Picture of yourself. (This does not need to be professional picture, but it is the first impression the schools will have of you so put on your best smile!)
  2. Our staff will review your resume and contact you via email or phone


  3. Create a 3-5 minute video introducing yourself.

    As we work with the schools in Korea, we have found that teachers with a self introduction video get more attention than teachers who don't have one. More attention means exposure to more schools and quicker placement. The video does not need to be professionally quality, a simple webcam or digital camera video is sufficient. The video should include an introduction of yourself, why you want to teach in Korea, why you think you would be a good teacher, and any other information that you see appropriate. When looking at these videos, the schools are looking for the following things: a friendly and outgoing personality, confidence, speech that is clear and easy to understand, and a clean and neat appearance. The video can either be emailed directly to the Teach Abroad Korea staff or if the file is too large, it can be uploaded to and the link sent in an email.

  4. PHASE 2

  5. Gather the following documents. Please follow these directions exactly as any variation will be rejected by Korean Immigration. (Obtaining these documents is typically what delays departure to Korea so begin working on these immediately).
  6. Once you have gathered all of the above listed documents OR have a firm date of when you will have them all in hand, notify our staff so we can submit your information to the Korean schools.
  7. PHASE 3

  8. Our staff will notify you when a Korean school would like to interview with you as well as send details about the open position. This may take a couple days or a couple weeks.
  9. Phone interview with the Korean school.
  10. Formal job offer from school with official contract
  11. Sign, scan, email signed contract back to Teach Abroad Korea within 24-48 hours
  12. PHASE 4

  13. We will provide you with an address in Korea to send your documents. Please use DHL, FedEX or UPS and send us the tracking number. Before sending, make a photo copy of your diploma, background check, and Apostille to use in Phase #5.
    • Photocopy of original diploma with an Apostille (If you choose to send an original diploma it will be returned to you upon arrival at your school in Korea)
    • If applicable, original copy of your TESOL, TEFL, CELTA certificate(s), with one additional photo copy of each
    • Original criminal background check and accompanying Apostille
    • Two sets of sealed and stamped academic transcripts from your university. Must be unopened and have the stamp half on the rear flap and half on the body of the envelope example
    • Original medical statement disclosure view and download
    • Copy of your resume with correct phone number and mailing address. The resume must be hand signed and dated
    • Signed and dated copy of your school contract in its entirety
    • Color copy of the information page of your passport
    • 4 passport photos. These photos do not need to match your original passport photo. (You will need 8 total, 4 to send now, 1 to send in Phase 5 and 3 in hand when you go to Korea)

    PHASE 5

  14. You will be issued a visa number which our staff will email you
  15. Now that you have been approved for a visa, you will need to receive the actual visa by sending the following items to the nearest Korea consulate. Use expedited shipping. (Yes we are aware this may seem redundant but that's government for you!) Please note that each Korean consulate handles the visa process differently. Some consulates will require an in-person interview, others will require a phone interview and the rest do not require an interview at all. Consulate Contact Information
    • Passport (They will stamp it with the visa and send it back to you)
    • Completed application for visa with your visa approval number written in the margin at the top view and download
    • 1 passport photo
    • $45 cash or money order (no checks)
    • Consul's checklist view and download
    • Health Statement view and download
    • Photo copy of your diploma
    • One sealed and stamped academic transcript from your university. Must be unopened and have the stamp half on the rear flap and half on the body of the envelope example
    • Pre-address and stamped USPS express mail envelope for the Consulate to use when mailing your passport back to you
  16. Call the Korean consulate for E-2 visa phone interview immediately after sending the package
  17. PHASE 6

  18. Once you have scheduled your interview with the consulate notify our staff and the airplane flight will be arranged
  19. Fly to Korea. It's about 15 hours so bring a good book!
  20. You will be provided with detailed instructions of what to do upon arrival in the Incheon Airport.
  21. Have a great year teaching English in South Korea!