About Us

Teach Abroad Korea is a reputable agency located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The management at Teach Abroad Korea is American, but can be summed up as "Korean experts," having lived in Korea, learned the language, and know the country inside and out.

Our Process

By means of internet job postings, employment fairs and other forms of advertisement, we find qualified individuals who have a desire to teach English in South Korea. We then guide those individuals through an interview and application process. Meanwhile, we submit the applicant's information to our network of schools in Korea. (We are well known for having strong relationships with many of the top schools in Korea). We then find a good match between an applicant and a school in Korea, contracts are signed, and the applicant is sent off to Korea for the adventure of their lifetime!

Please note that our services do not cost you anything. We are paid by the schools to find qualified teachers.