Teach Abroad Korea has outlined the following terms and conditions to illustrate the relationship between you, the applicant, (hereby referred to as 'the teacher'), your Korean based employer (hereby referred to as 'employer') and Teach Abroad Korea. I am completely aware that Teach Abroad Korea does not guarantee a job in Korea for everyone who applies. I accept and understand that Teach Abroad Korea will assist me with the steps involved with obtaining employment in Korea (hereafter referred to as the venture). I am aware that it is my responsibility to obtain all of the required documents needed to participate and certify that all of my documents are legitimate. While Teach Abroad Korea wishes to help me locate an appropriate employer in Korea, I am fully aware that Teach Abroad Korea is not responsible or liable for any transportation, accommodation, and products or services that may be granted to me by other organizations or individuals associated with the venture (which may include but is not limited to; airline carriers, schools, consulates, embassies, immigration offices, transportation companies). I am completely aware, and assume full responsibility, for all risks associated with my participation in the venture. These risks may include, but are not limited to; bodily injuries, disease and death, sickness, property damage, loss of property, travel delays. I am fully aware that Teach Abroad Korea is not responsible, nor will Teach Abroad Korea provide, any form of travel or work related insurance for my involvement with the venture. I understand that it is my responsibility to familiarize myself with the laws of Korea and any other laws that may apply during my travel to Korea. I am aware and will take complete responsibility for any laws that I break or violate during the course of the venture. While Teach Abroad Korea is here to assist me, provide information as requested by me, and help me facilitate the application process associated with the venture; I understand that the teaching contract is strictly between the employer and the teacher. Teach Abroad Korea is not responsible for breach of contract by the teacher or the teacher's employer for any situation which may include but is not limited to; war, federal/regional law changes, unforeseen closure. If, at any time, my involvement with the venture is considered detrimental to my employer, colleagues or associates, I am aware that I may be expelled from the venture without recourse against Teach Abroad Korea. I fully understand that Teach Abroad Korea is not liable for any of my actions, or lack there of, associated with the venture. I take full responsibility for all things associated with the venture and completely and forever waive, discharge, and concur not to sue, Teach Abroad Korea (which include but is not limited to it's employees and representatives), from any losses, liabilities, claims, actions, suits, damages, demands, costs and expenses from any cause (which include but is not limited to; disease and death, sickness, property damage or loss, travel delays, injuries), that are a result of my direct or indirect involvement (and/or connection) with the venture, whether or not contributed or foreseen by Teach Abroad Korea. I understand the subject matter in this agreement and I am aware that it supersedes any previous understandings or agreements. This agreement, for any reason whatsoever, may not be changed, amended, or altered (in whole or in part) without the explicit written approval of Teach Abroad Korea. This agreement shall be enforced and interpreted in accordance with the laws in the State of Utah, United Stated of America.